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Nursing in a Flash Mobile review applications are designed to provide Nursing Students with an easy, efficient tool to learn vital nursing content on the go. Review content is categorized by major body systems and then further broken down into disease states to allow the user to review content pertinent to their education. The questions are geared towards providing the needed information to ace nursing exams and to build a solid knowledge foundation for the future.


Psychiatric Nursing Volume I

Med Surg Volume I

Med Surg Volume II

Pediatric Nursing

Physiology and Pathophysiology





 iPhone Screenshots

iPhone Nursing ECG Interpretation QRS Interval ECG Interpretation

 Android Screenshots

Android Nursing Reproductive Pathophysiology Intubation and Ventilators intramural leiomyoma

 Blackberry Screenshots

Third Spacing Musculoskeletal System and Care Respiratory System Musculoskeletal System and Care

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