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The Pediatric “Nursing in a Flash” module is a tool for nursing students to reinforce learning that takes place in the classroom. The flash cards cover common pediatric conditions, medications and pathophysiology. It is designed to provide review of concepts needed to ace nursing exams.

Questions are grouped into chapters and sub-categories for easy reviewing. Select any sub-category to start your review session. Your performance history and progress will be stored as you go so you can exit any time and pick up right where you left off when you come back. You can review your stats at the sub-category start screen and mastery icons will be added to each question set as you hit review milestones.

Sample Questions
T/F The first system to form in utero is the neurological system.
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True, it starts to form in the first 3-4 weeks.
When does the neurological system begin to form in utero?
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Around 3-4 weeks.
What two CNS structures are formed from the neural tube during in utero development?
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The brain and spinal cord
By the _______ week of gestation, the neural tube has closed at the anterior end to form the brain and at the posterior end to form the spinal cord.
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4th week
By the second month of gestation the brain becomes the prominent body structure. Its grows rapidly and continues to grow until the _____ year of life.
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What are four general reasons that malformations of the brain and spinal cord develop in utero?
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Infections, trauma, teratogens,and malnutrition during pregnancy
What factors increase the risk of cranial bone fractures in infants?
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The cranial bones aren't well developed and are unfused.
Why are infants at increased risk for hemorrhages?
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The infant's brain is highly vascular
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Cardiovascular System

Childhood Psychiatric Disorders

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This application contains over 1,600 Pediactric Nursing Study Questions. Topics reviewed in this module include:



Cardiovascular System

Pediatric Cardiovascular System


Endocrine System

Pediatric Endocrine Disorders


GI System

Pediatric GI Disorders


GU or Renal System

Pediatric Genitourinary Disorders


Integumentary Skin

Pediatric Burns


Neurological System

Pediatric Neurology


Pediatric Nursing

Newborn and Infant Development


Preschooler Development


Toddler Development


Pediatric Psychiatric Nursing

Childhood Psychiatric Disorders


Mental Health Assmt Children


Respiratory System

Pediatric Respiratory System



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